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General Information

Can you individually box the mugs?

Absolutely! There’s a small charge for this, which covers the cost of ‘building’ the boxes, inserting mugs into the boxes and repacking these into larger shipper boxes.

Do you sell gift boxes?

Yes – we have three sizes of quality, white cardboard boxes: small, large and double sized (for two mugs).

Can you indent large orders?

Of course! The minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies depending on our manufacturer but, as a guide, use 10,000 units as your minimum quantity for this type of order. Please factor in approximately 10-12 weeks as your lead time for indent orders.)

Aren’t all mug suppliers selling the same quality mugs?

NO! Only the best quality mugs from our manufacturers are sourced. This product is representing your brand, company and image. Purchasing any promotional product that adversely affects or devalues your brand and company should NEVER be purchased. This is at the heart of Pascall Promotions. We NEVER compromise on quality. Our goal is to supply premium decorated mugs to ensure your brand and image remains foremost in the marketing mix.

Where do your mugs come from?

The mugs are hand selected by our team from a number of manufacturers and over time has built up a rapport with an exclusive group of ceramics manufacturers in China. Relationships that have been nurtured and maintained over the years to ensure the highest quality product is supplied. All of our mugs meet international standards for ceramics.

What grade mugs do you stock?

We ONLY stock quality A-Grade mugs in a variety of styles and colours.

What is the difference between your mug range and cafe range?

Our mugs are made from ceramics, and are designed as promotional give-away items.

Our cafe range is made of porcelain, and while ideal as promotional give-away items, they can also be used in commercial settings (eg, cafe, hotels).

What is the most economical printed mug?

The white Can and white Flare mugs are usually the most economical mug purchases. However, we regularly offer specials on different mug styles so always look for these when pricing options for the budget conscience.