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FAQ – Printing

Ensuring the best print method for the artwork and mug selected

Can mugs be used in the microwave?

With the exception of our Latte Magic and Can Magic mugs (which have a special type of coating), our printed mugs are safe to use in the microwave.

Can mugs be cleaned in the dishwasher?

With the exception of our Latte Magic and Can Magic mugs (which have a special type of coating), all of our printed mugs are dishwasher resistant. Like a favourite T-shirt though, gentle hand-washing will always extend the life of any printed image (and best to avoid harsh detergents and dishwasher chemicals – these will affect any type of print finish).

What is the most popular side of the mug for printing?

For 1 position prints, 99% of orders request the image to face a right-hand drinker. This means that if you hold a mug in your right hand (as if you’re about to take a sip of coffee), the image will be facing the drinker.

What is a ‘low fired’ mug colour?

As we prefer to supply brighter coloured red, orange and lime green mugs, a different manufacturing process is used to produce these coloured mugs due to the pigments and glaze. While they cost a little bit more, they are much more colour-intense and appealing to the end-user.

What is a print position?

You can request the image to be printed in

  • 1 position (eg, on one side of the mug)
  • 2 positions (both sides of the mug)
  • Wrap print (wrapped around the mug).

Please specify this at the time of ordering.

Can I print names onto mugs?

Absolutely! There are two options for printing names – dye sublimation or high fire decal print. Please contact Pascall Promotions for details and pricing.

Can you produce gold and silver prints?

Yes – bright gold and bright silver are available in our low fire ceramic ink range and do not incur any extra print charge. They are a non-metallic ink which means these prints are dishwasher resistant and microwave safe.

How well can you match print colours?

PMS colours are used as a guide. With low fire and dye sublimation printing, very close PMS colour matches can be achieved. However, exact colour matches cannot be guaranteed due to the print process involved.

How many colours can you print at a time?

Multiple colours! Please show us the artwork and we’ll advise on the best print option for your image.

How large can you print?

This varies depending on the print option and mug style chosen and is specified on each website page for the mug style on this website.

What is a high fire print?

Mugs are either screen-printed direct or with a decal using ceramic colours, and then kiln fired to ensure long life. For lip imprints and mugs requiring commercial use, we recommend the high fire print option.

What is a dye sublimation print?

Decal images are printed and applied to specially coated mugs using a combination of dye sublimation inks, heat and pressure. Dye sublimation is ideal for photographic, full colour, 3D, large-sized and half-tone images.

What is a low fire print?

Mugs are pad or screen printed using quality ceramic inks and then oven-fired to produce a longer-lasting printed product. This print process is ideal for every-day promotional, give-away purposes particularly in terms of cost and PMS colour matching.

What type of printing do you do?

The printer is an expert in direct printing (pad and screen) and dye sublimation. They also screen-print decals for high fire printing purposes. This option is most popular for lip and handle imprints, as well as printing individual names onto mugs.

Can you print on mugs supplied by someone else?

Unfortunately NO. As we have no control over the quality of the mug itself or how it has been stored so we are unable to guarantee a high quality print nor how the mug will react to the print process used.. A number of factors can influence the quality of the final product and we are unable to guarantee variables that are out of our control.